Waterbed Benefits

Why Sleep on a Waterbed Mattress?

backaches2It Provides Great Support for Your Body

The Waterbed mattress moulds to your own body shape and spreads your weight evenly. With no pressure points, it allows you to sleep in one position for much longer periods and you sleep more restfully.

Great Support for Bad Backs

Relieving back pain is one of the most frequent reasons for the purchasing of a waterbed. Waterbed matresses support your body evenly, so great relief from pain can often be achieved. The therapeutic warmth also helps relieve the pain of sore arthritic muscles and joints.


Allergy Free and Hygienic

Dust mites are well known as a cause of allergies. Dead skin and body oils permeate foam or spring mattresses and provide food for dust mites. Vinyl waterbed mattresses are impervious to dust mites, so allergy and asthma sufferers can sleep peacefully. A waterbed is the most sanitary surface one can sleep on.

Cool In Summer and Warm In Winter

Waterbeds are thermostatically controlled to maintain a constant temperature year round. You’ll find there is nothing more relaxing than a warm waterbed on a cold winter’s night. During the summer, keeping cool is achieved by turning the heater down. Even in winter, heaters cost a little more than an electric blanket to run.

We know a waterbed provides the best sleeping surface available.
… Just ask someone who has one.

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