When I was looking for a waterbed about 1 year ago, I called a couple of different suppliers on the internet. I ended up going with Colin because not only did he want to sell me a waterbed, he genuinely wanted me to have the best experience with my new waterbed and gave me a rundown of all of the maintenance and care in the first call. In comparison with the other companies I called, all they wanted was my money, but Colin was different.

Now, with my kids being 2 and 4, all I wanted for them was the best sleep and support for their growing bodies and who best to call? Colin. He still remembers me and was able to come out so quickly.

It was great seeing you again, and after buying three waterbeds from you, I only hope that we can recommend you to everyone we know because I have no idea how we used to sleep on a mattress, waterbeds are amazing.

I’ll talk to you soon, and we can’t thank you enough.

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